What is the definition of shun?

Definitions for shun

  • verb - avoid and stay away from deliberately; stay clear of
  • verb - expel from a community or group
  • Pronounciation of shun

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    Synonyms for shun

    ban blackball ostracize eschew ostracise banish cast out

    Antonyms for shun

    No antonyms found for shun.

    Holonyms for shun

    No holonyms found for shun.

    Hypernyms for shun

    throw out kick out avoid expel

    Hyponyms for shun

    No hyponyms found for shun.

    Meronyms for shun

    No meronyms found for shun.

    Sounds like shun

    S/N Saame Saami sachem Sachsen sage hen Sagina Saginaw Saigon Sajama SAM saman same Sami Samia Samoa Samoan Sana Sana'a Sanaa sane Saone sashimi sauna Sawan sawm Saxon Saxony scam scammony