simmer down

What is the definition of simmer down?

Definitions for simmer down

  • verb - become quiet or calm
  • Pronounciation of simmer down

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    Synonyms for simmer down

    cool off chill out calm settle down calm down cool it

    Antonyms for simmer down

    No antonyms found for simmer down.

    Holonyms for simmer down

    No holonyms found for simmer down.

    Hypernyms for simmer down

    change state turn

    Hyponyms for simmer down

    No hyponyms found for simmer down.

    Meronyms for simmer down

    No meronyms found for simmer down.

    Sounds like simmer down

    scammonyroot semiarid semihard seniority Senorita smart smarta smear word snort snorty sonority swimmeret swineherd