What is the definition of skinny?

Definitions for skinny

  • adjective - being very thin; "a child with skinny freckled legs"; "a long scrawny neck"
  • adjective - giving or spending with reluctance; "our cheeseparing administration"; "very close (or near) with his money"; "a penny-pinching miserly old man"
  • adjective - fitting snugly; "a tightly-fitting cover"; "tight-fitting clothes"
  • adjective - of or relating to or resembling skin
  • noun - confidential information about a topic or person; "he wanted the inside skinny on the new partner"
  • Pronounciation of skinny

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    Synonyms for skinny

    scrawny close tightfitting underweight near tight fitting scraggy weedy penny-pinching tightly fitting boney cheeseparing tight-fitting

    Antonyms for skinny

    No antonyms found for skinny.

    Holonyms for skinny

    No holonyms found for skinny.

    Hypernyms for skinny

    information info

    Hyponyms for skinny

    No hyponyms found for skinny.

    Meronyms for skinny

    No meronyms found for skinny.

    Sounds like skinny

    S/N Saame Saami sachem Sachsen sage hen Sagina Saginaw Saigon Sajama SAM saman same Sami Samia Samoa Samoan Sana Sana'a Sanaa sane Saone sashimi sauna Sawan sawm Saxon Saxony scam scammony