What is the definition of slippage?

Definitions for slippage

  • noun - failing to hold or slipping out of place; "the knots allowed no slippage"
  • noun - a decrease of transmitted power in a mechanical system caused by slipping
  • noun - decline from a standard level of performance or achievement
  • Pronounciation of slippage

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    Synonyms for slippage

    No synonyms found for slippage.

    Antonyms for slippage

    No antonyms found for slippage.

    Holonyms for slippage

    No holonyms found for slippage.

    Hypernyms for slippage

    move diminution decrease motion decrement movement decline

    Hyponyms for slippage

    No hyponyms found for slippage.

    Meronyms for slippage

    No meronyms found for slippage.

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