What is the definition of smoothness?

Definitions for smoothness

  • noun - the quality of being free from errors or interruptions; "the five-speed manual gearbox is smoothness personified"
  • noun - the quality of having a level and even surface; "the water was a glassy smoothness"; "the weather system of the Pacific is determined by the uninterrupted smoothness of the ocean"
  • noun - the quality of being bland and gracious or ingratiating in manner
  • noun - a texture without roughness; smooth to the touch; "admiring the slim smoothness of her thighs"; "some artists prefer the smoothness of a board"
  • noun - powerful and effective language; "his eloquence attracted a large congregation"; "fluency in spoken and written English is essential"; "his oily smoothness concealed his guilt from the police"
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    Synonyms for smoothness

    blandness eloquence suavity fluency suaveness

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    Holonyms for smoothness

    No holonyms found for smoothness.

    Hypernyms for smoothness

    invariability style graciousness effortlessness texture evenness expressive style

    Hyponyms for smoothness

    slickness fineness glossiness slick powderiness burnish silkiness slipperiness polish sleekness slip gloss

    Meronyms for smoothness

    No meronyms found for smoothness.

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    sandman sand dune sanitation Santa Ana Santa Anna San Antonio scandium segmentation semitone send down send in send on shantytown Sigmodon Smetana Smitane smitten smoothen sometime sonatina Sondheim soundman summation sundown suntan Susan Anthony Swiss canton