What is the definition of soaking?

Definitions for soaking

  • noun - washing something by allowing it to soak
  • noun - the act of making something completely wet; "he gave it a good drenching"
  • adverb - extremely wet; "dripping wet"; "soaking wet"
  • noun - the process of becoming softened and saturated as a consequence of being immersed in water (or other liquid); "a good soak put life back in the wagon"
  • Pronounciation of soaking

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    Synonyms for soaking

    sopping dripping souse soakage sousing soak drenching

    Antonyms for soaking

    No antonyms found for soaking.

    Holonyms for soaking

    No holonyms found for soaking.

    Hypernyms for soaking

    lavation action wetting activity wash natural process washing natural action

    Hyponyms for soaking

    No hyponyms found for soaking.

    Meronyms for soaking

    No meronyms found for soaking.

    Sounds like soaking

    No words sound like soaking.