solitary vireo

What is the definition of solitary vireo?

Definitions for solitary vireo

  • noun - of eastern North America having a bluish-grey head and mostly green body
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    Synonyms for solitary vireo

    Vireo solitarius

    Antonyms for solitary vireo

    No antonyms found for solitary vireo.

    Holonyms for solitary vireo

    No holonyms found for solitary vireo.

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    Hyponyms for solitary vireo

    No hyponyms found for solitary vireo.

    Meronyms for solitary vireo

    No meronyms found for solitary vireo.

    Sounds like solitary vireo

    salter saltire saltwater salt tree salutary salutatory saluter scolder sea ladder sea slater shelter shielder shoe leather shoulder slater slather sledder slider slither slithery solder solderer soldier soldiery solitaire solitary sultry swelter sweltry