What is the definition of spread-eagle?

Definitions for spread-eagle

  • verb - stretch out completely; "They spread-eagled him across the floor"
  • verb - defeat disastrously
  • adjective - with arms and legs stretched out and apart; "lay spread-eagle on the floor"
  • verb - stand with arms and legs spread out
  • verb - execute a spread eagle on skates
  • verb - stretch over; "His residences spread-eagle the entire county"
  • Pronounciation of spread-eagle

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    Synonyms for spread-eagle

    spreadeagle rout

    Antonyms for spread-eagle

    No antonyms found for spread-eagle.

    Holonyms for spread-eagle

    No holonyms found for spread-eagle.

    Hypernyms for spread-eagle

    beat out vanquish straddle stretch crush sprawl extend shell figure skate beat trounce range

    Hyponyms for spread-eagle

    No hyponyms found for spread-eagle.

    Meronyms for spread-eagle

    No meronyms found for spread-eagle.

    Sounds like spread-eagle

    saber-toothed sabertooth sabertoothed sabre-toothed safe period sauce verte Savoyard scabbard Schubert seabird seaboard seaport sea bird separate separated separate out Sephardi severed severity sheep rot Shepard shepherd shipboard shipboard duty shipyard ship route shoebird sick berth sick parade Siegfried