take over

What is the definition of take over?

Definitions for take over

  • verb - take up
  • verb - take over ownership of; of corporations and companies
  • verb - seize and take control without authority and possibly with force; take as one's right or possession; "He assumed to himself the right to fill all positions in the town"; "he usurped my rights"; "She seized control of the throne after her husband died"
  • verb - take on as one's own the expenses or debts of another person; "I'll accept the charges"; "She agreed to bear the responsibility"
  • verb - take up and practice as one's own
  • verb - take on titles
  • verb - free someone temporarily from his or her obligations
  • verb - do over; "They would like to take it over again"
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    Synonyms for take over

    buy up arrogate borrow repeat assume bear take up absorb usurp accept take on buy out seize adopt relieve

    Antonyms for take over

    No antonyms found for take over.

    Holonyms for take over

    No holonyms found for take over.

    Hypernyms for take over

    purchase take office move take free fund accept discharge buy have act

    Hyponyms for take over

    capture hijack resume seize raid spell annex conquer face the music appropriate preoccupy carry-the can

    Meronyms for take over

    No meronyms found for take over.

    Sounds like take over

    takeover take fire take for take over tax-free taxi fare taxpayer Tewkesbury Texas fever thus far tick fever tick over tissue paper tug-of-war Tycho Brahe