What is the definition of towny?

Definitions for towny

  • noun - resident of a college town not affiliated with the college
  • Pronounciation of towny

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    Antonyms for towny

    No antonyms found for towny.

    Holonyms for towny

    No holonyms found for towny.

    Hypernyms for towny

    townsman towner

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    No hyponyms found for towny.

    Meronyms for towny

    No meronyms found for towny.

    Sounds like towny

    'tween T-man taenia tahini Tahitian Taiwan Taiyuan Tai Dam Tai Nuea Tai Yuan tam tame Tamm Tammany tammy tan Taney tannia tannin tannoy Tanoan Tatum tauon tauten Tawney tawny team teatime tedium teem