What is the definition of trip?

Definitions for trip

  • noun - an unintentional but embarrassing blunder; "he recited the whole poem without a single trip"; "he arranged his robes to avoid a trip-up later"; "confusion caused his unfortunate misstep"
  • noun - a light or nimble tread; "he heard the trip of women's feet overhead"
  • noun - a journey for some purpose (usually including the return); "he took a trip to the shopping center"
  • verb - get high
  • verb - put in motion or move to act; "trigger a reaction"; "actuate the circuits"
  • verb - make a trip for pleasure
  • verb - miss a step and fall or nearly fall; "She stumbled over the tree root"
  • verb - cause to stumble; "The questions on the test tripped him up"
  • noun - a catch mechanism that acts as a switch; "the pressure activates the tripper and releases the water"
  • noun - an exciting or stimulating experience
  • noun - an accidental misstep threatening (or causing) a fall; "he blamed his slip on the ice"; "the jolt caused many slips and a few spills"
  • noun - a hallucinatory experience induced by drugs; "an acid trip"
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    Synonyms for trip

    misstep head trip slip trip-up stumble tripper actuate spark off travel trip out trigger spark jaunt turn on activate trigger off trip up get off set off touch off

    Antonyms for trip

    No antonyms found for trip.

    Holonyms for trip

    No holonyms found for trip.

    Hypernyms for trip

    bloomer fuckup boo-boo stop mischance bungle flub step experience hallucination blunder pratfall botch journey mishap blooper foul-up boner journeying catch misadventure initiate pioneer move

    Hyponyms for trip

    round trip service call fall run flight trek spill junket errand tumble travel peregrinate junketeer journey founder travel to ply visit commute

    Meronyms for trip

    No meronyms found for trip.

    Sounds like trip

    tariff tarp tear off tear up terefah terrify Tharp therapy thereby thereof Thorpe thrip thrive throb throw off throw up thurify tide rip tier up towrope trap Trapa trave tree poppy tref TRF tribe trip trip-up tripe