What is the definition of underperformer?

Definitions for underperformer

  • noun - a business that is less successful than expected
  • noun - a student who does not perform as well as expected or as well as the IQ indicates
  • Pronounciation of underperformer

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    Synonyms for underperformer

    underachiever nonachiever

    Antonyms for underperformer

    No antonyms found for underperformer.

    Holonyms for underperformer

    No holonyms found for underperformer.

    Hypernyms for underperformer

    educatee business organization business business organisation concern student pupil business concern

    Hyponyms for underperformer

    No hyponyms found for underperformer.

    Meronyms for underperformer

    No meronyms found for underperformer.

    Sounds like underperformer

    uintathere under underway underwear under way undoer unitary untier untrue