weigh anchor

What is the definition of weigh anchor?

Definitions for weigh anchor

  • verb - heave up an anchor in preparation for sailing
  • Pronounciation of weigh anchor

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    Synonyms for weigh anchor

    weigh the anchor

    Antonyms for weigh anchor

    No antonyms found for weigh anchor.

    Holonyms for weigh anchor

    No holonyms found for weigh anchor.

    Hypernyms for weigh anchor

    heft up heave heave up heft

    Hyponyms for weigh anchor

    No hyponyms found for weigh anchor.

    Meronyms for weigh anchor

    No meronyms found for weigh anchor.

    Sounds like weigh anchor

    waggishness wakening waking washing waxiness waxing waxwing weakening weakness weighing whacking wheeziness wheezing wigging wiseness wishing Wyszynski