What is the definition of whop?

Definitions for whop

  • verb - hit hard
  • verb - hit hard; "The teacher whacked the boy"
  • Pronounciation of whop

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    Synonyms for whop

    bonk wallop sock bash bop whack whap wham

    Antonyms for whop

    No antonyms found for whop.

    Holonyms for whop

    No holonyms found for whop.

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    Hyponyms for whop

    No hyponyms found for whop.

    Meronyms for whop

    No meronyms found for whop.

    Sounds like whop

    Wahabi Wahhabi Wahvey waif waive wave wave-off wave off wavy Wb weave web Webb webby weep weepy whap whiff whip whippy whip up whoop whoopee whop wife WiFi wipe wipe away wipe off wipe up