What are the holonyms for Vincetoxicum?

Holonyms for Vincetoxicum

milkweed family Asclepiadaceae family Asclepiadaceae

Definitions for Vincetoxicum

  • noun - genus of chiefly tropical American vines having cordate leaves and large purple or greenish cymose flowers; supposedly having powers as an antidote
  • Pronounciation of Vincetoxicum

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    Synonyms for Vincetoxicum

    genus Vincetoxicum

    Antonyms for Vincetoxicum

    No antonyms found for Vincetoxicum.

    Hypernyms for Vincetoxicum

    dicot genus magnoliopsid genus

    Hyponyms for Vincetoxicum

    No hyponyms found for Vincetoxicum.

    Meronyms for Vincetoxicum

    Vincetoxicum negrum negro vine Vincetoxicum hirsutum

    Sounds like Vincetoxicum

    vanished Vanzetti venesect Vonnegut