military force

What are the holonyms for military force?

Holonyms for military force

military service armed service service

Definitions for military force

  • noun - a unit that is part of some military service; "he sent Caesar a force of six thousand men"
  • Pronounciation of military force

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    Synonyms for military force

    military unit military group force

    Antonyms for military force

    No antonyms found for military force.

    Hypernyms for military force

    unit social unit

    Hyponyms for military force

    trip wire army unit armour mujahadeen guard Republican Guard militia detail command naval unit mujahidin mujahadin legion Haganah reserves headquarters enemy air unit mujahedin mujahideen echelon Israeli Defense Force commando spearhead task force armor mujahedeen mujahadein phalanx IDF contingent

    Meronyms for military force

    serviceman military man man military personnel

    Sounds like military force

    malodor malodour melter meltwater military milliliter millilitre molder molter monolatry moulder moulter muleteer mule deer