order Phasmida

What are the holonyms for order Phasmida?

Holonyms for order Phasmida

class Hexapoda Insecta class Insecta Hexapoda

Definitions for order Phasmida

  • noun - in some classifications considered a suborder of Orthoptera: stick insects; leaf insects
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    Synonyms for order Phasmida

    Phasmida Phasmatodea order Phasmatodea

    Antonyms for order Phasmida

    No antonyms found for order Phasmida.

    Hypernyms for order Phasmida

    animal order

    Hyponyms for order Phasmida

    No hyponyms found for order Phasmida.

    Meronyms for order Phasmida

    family Phasmidae family Phyllidae phasmid Phasmatidae Phillidae phasmid insect family Phasmatidae family Phillidae Phasmidae Phyllidae

    Sounds like order Phasmida

    orator oratorio oratory order orderer ordure