What are the holonyms for wobble?

Holonyms for wobble

No holonyms found for wobble.

Definitions for wobble

  • verb - move unsteadily; "His knees wobbled"; "The old cart wobbled down the street"
  • verb - tremble or shake; "His voice wobbled with restrained emotion"
  • verb - move sideways or in an unsteady way; "The ship careened out of control"
  • noun - an unsteady rocking motion
  • Pronounciation of wobble

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    Synonyms for wobble

    shift coggle tilt shimmy careen

    Antonyms for wobble

    No antonyms found for wobble.

    Hypernyms for wobble

    motion movement move vibrate

    Hyponyms for wobble


    Meronyms for wobble

    No meronyms found for wobble.

    Sounds like wobble

    waffle Wavell waybill weevil wifely Wiffle wobble wobbly woeful woefully