What are the hypernyms for accentuate?

Hypernyms for accentuate

enounce express sound out show pronounce enunciate evince articulate say

Definitions for accentuate

  • verb - put stress on; utter with an accent; "In Farsi
  • verb - to stress
  • Pronounciation of accentuate

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    Synonyms for accentuate

    emphasize emphasise stress punctuate accent

    Antonyms for accentuate

    No antonyms found for accentuate.

    Holonyms for accentuate

    No holonyms found for accentuate.

    Hyponyms for accentuate

    downplay re-emphasize drive home underline bring out bear down ram home emphasize background set off topicalize press home emphasise play down re-emphasise point up underscore

    Meronyms for accentuate

    No meronyms found for accentuate.

    Sounds like accentuate

    acantha acanthoid accent accented accentuate accommodate accouchement account acned aconite acquaint acquainted acquiescent acuminate agamete agamid Agamidae agenda agent agnate Agnatha Agonidae agony aunt aquanaut ascend ascent ashamed asininity askant asquint