What are the hypernyms for alter?

Hypernyms for alter

unsex edit modify sterilize desexualize redact sterilise desexualise change desex fix alter

Definitions for alter

  • verb - remove the ovaries of; "Is your cat spayed?"
  • verb - become different in some particular way
  • verb - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
  • verb - insert words into texts
  • verb - make an alteration to; "This dress needs to be altered"
  • Pronounciation of alter

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    Synonyms for alter

    castrate interpolate change falsify neuter vary spay modify

    Antonyms for alter

    No antonyms found for alter.

    Holonyms for alter

    No holonyms found for alter.

    Hyponyms for alter

    glamorize break up introvert grace politicise humanize romanticise alienate shoal deodorize unscramble change intensity saponify capture muddy contribute harshen reestablish devilize redress etherealize pervert unsubstantialize debauch animate misdirect sublimate cohere uniformize immortalize eternalize sanitise dope energise spice up inflate digitalize recombine effeminise virilize sexualize patent rationalise paganise angulate intensify evaporate opacify recommend solemnise transfigure visualize vivify nazify professionalize nick weaponize enable port tender obnubilate bubble synchronise archaize fatten officialise plump westernise disturb acetylize barb parallel mix classicise put decimalise soil exteriorize bemire bedim avianise veil let out slenderise branch out end specialise condense break chill rouse warm affect switch inseminate transmute indispose reform brutalize Islamise convert customize arterialise individualize transpose objectify decrepitate disintegrate revolutionise demagnetise alkalinize refine mythicize supercharge demythologize centralise coarsen socialize touch on set up alcoholize internationalise round off bolshevise suspend bestialise ease up civilize dissimilate denationalize vitalise denaturalize aerate equal blunt equate redact tighten chasten detransitivize better thicken meliorate slow down exasperate check lubricate lessen spike liquidize oxidise invalidate merge fill antique clot soften normalise stabilize neutralize sensitize market sensibilise mechanize accustom automate color polarize colourize devalue stain urbanise adjust unfit reclaim oxygenise lighten jump lower glamourise alter laicize ornament radicalize humanise rusticate alien tense deodorise unsex change taste extend lend lift add dinge liberalize devilise democratize etherialise subvert unsubstantialise debase dynamize relax subtilize uniformise immortalise eternalise verbify prostrate shake shorten reflate digitalise feminize womanize virilise sexualise constitutionalize plasticize incandesce circularize isomerize vaporise opsonize sentimentalize territorialize spiritualize visualise vulgarise clarify professionalise disable eroticize de-emphasize lifehack tenderize tone down sweeten mince archaise fat occidentalize plump out orientalize dull acetylise string collimate mingle conventionalize clean dizzy begrime exteriorise overcloud move hide widen crack broaden terminate narrow concentrate awaken cool down wake up boil refresh change over fecundate transubstantiate cry regenerate brutalise turn back opalize customise make individualise interchange sharpen suburbanize magnetize overturn degauss alkalinise rarify mythicise pressurize demythologise decentralize impact socialise touch ready alcoholise communize round down Europeanize sober Americanize ease off civilise commute denationalise unclutter denaturalise inactivate match remodel stiffen cut fasten subdue detransitivise improve inspissate worsen accelerate wet retard strengthen minify lace liquidise oxidate void age fill up antiquate coagulate damage renormalize stabilise neutralise sensitise purify desensitize mechanise disorder harmonize colorize polarise colour insulate hue emulsify set domesticate dehydrogenate darken defeminize blur crackle depress glamourize decorate laicise embellish proof humble sauce disaffect steepen deodourise vitrify substitute expand impart raise restore demonize liberalise diabolize democratise immaterialize demoralize animize profane dynamise flocculate volatilize symmetrize eternize denature sputter excite outmode think digitize gelatinize feminise masculinize disharmonize schematize constitutionalise plasticise deaminate depolarize isomerise industrialize militarize sentimentalise territorialise unsanctify variegate demulsify vulgarize embrittle smut disenable sex up de-emphasise cloud tenderise obfuscate iodinate break down inform flesh out occidentalise fatten out orientalise untie achromatize straighten camp commix conventionalise make clean poison grime externalize blot out adapt cook take in dissolve radiate demist narrow down contract wake heat arouse freeze freshen shift fertilize ash etiolate rectify animalize invert opalise personalize get depersonalize vascularize flatten suburbanise magnetise barbarize simplify mythologize elaborate allegorize pressurise bring deconcentrate bear upon fix alchemize gear up shape communise round out Europeanise reconstruct Americanise let up nationalize exchange naturalize clear even deactivate equalize redo loosen edit out transitivize moderate intransitivize amend full aggravate speed dry delay beef up liquefy weaken solvate unite vitiate ripen make full develop louden ossify renormalise destabilize commercialize sensify purge desensitise automatize disarray harmonise colorise glorify color in calcify uglify correct domesticize hydrogenate brighten defeminise blear modulate deform glamorise adorn politicize beautify romanticize estrange shallow right scramble blind pall replace set aside bestow elevate reinstate demonise compensate diabolise corrupt immaterialise demoralise animise deprave rarefy turn volatilise symmetrise eternise sanitize draw energize spice deflate digitise gelatinise effeminize masculinise dissonate schematise rationalize paganize deaminize depolarise legitimate industrialise militarise solemnize transaminate vesiculate ventilate decarboxylate supple mark still incapacitate piggyback destress confuse charge synchronize ionate crush officialize fill out westernize fatten up acetylate undo achromatise straighten out classicize amalgamate decimalize dirty envenom colly externalise avianize obliterate accommodate slenderize diversify dismiss specialize defog honeycomb cool waken heat up cause to sleep blister refreshen transform fertilise translate shade Islamize animalise reverse arterialize personalise counterchange depersonalise vascularise drop revolutionize demagnetize barbarise complicate mythologise perplex allegorise centralize land decentralise bear on prepare alchemise internationalize form bolshevize round bestialize increase Frenchify assimilate nationalise vitalize naturalise activate even out deaden equalise edit loose tame transitivise temper intransitivise ameliorate decelerate exacerbate speed up dry out decrease fortify liquify oxidize validate unify empty mature saturate make grow normalize acerbate morph destabilise commercialise sensibilize sanctify habituate automatise discolor chord colourise contaminate colour in urbanize untune disqualify domesticise oxygenize lighten up alternate obscure

    Meronyms for alter

    No meronyms found for alter.

    Sounds like alter

    alder aleatory all-weather Altair altar alter