What are the hypernyms for ameliorate?

Hypernyms for ameliorate

alter change state modify turn change

Definitions for ameliorate

  • verb - get better; "The weather improved toward evening"
  • verb - to make better; "The editor improved the manuscript with his changes"
  • Pronounciation of ameliorate

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    Synonyms for ameliorate

    amend better improve meliorate

    Antonyms for ameliorate

    No antonyms found for ameliorate.

    Holonyms for ameliorate

    No holonyms found for ameliorate.

    Hyponyms for ameliorate

    heal surge get over upgrade assuage revitalize condition enhance doctor fancify build refine sublimate lift recuperate reform turn around bounce back relieve help enrich emend repair furbish up beautify perfect fine-tune make pure advance recover straighten out pick up mend alleviate aid build up iron out fix restore embellish hone down distill educate convalesce see the light get well fructify palliate regenerate develop put right bushel touch on prettify polish purify raise

    Meronyms for ameliorate

    No meronyms found for ameliorate.

    Sounds like ameliorate

    annualry annular