anatomical structure

What are the hypernyms for anatomical structure?

Hypernyms for anatomical structure

body part

Definitions for anatomical structure

  • noun - a particular complex anatomical part of a living thing; "he has good bone structure"
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    Synonyms for anatomical structure

    bodily structure body structure structure complex body part

    Antonyms for anatomical structure

    No antonyms found for anatomical structure.

    Holonyms for anatomical structure

    No holonyms found for anatomical structure.

    Hyponyms for anatomical structure

    calyculus pad gill arch syrinx chiasma concha infundibulum rib rete passageway cavity tooth root nucleus glans lacrimal apparatus nucleolar organizer aster gyrus plate costa corona caliculus gill slit branchial arch bulb chiasm filament interstice blade tube fundus bodily cavity capsule membranous labyrinth alveolar bed cytoskeleton nucleolar organiser neural structure convolution horny structure bridge receptor layer calycle branchial cleft gill bar carina decussation filum landmark radicle tube-shaped structure funiculus cavum uvea bony labyrinth valve nucleolus organizer centromere fold cartilaginous structure unguis rotator cuff zone apodeme tooth gill cleft peristome cauda cingulum germ limbus plexus passage head root lens nucleus osseous labyrinth vascular structure nucleolus organiser kinetochore plica ball skeletal structure cornu zona

    Meronyms for anatomical structure

    No meronyms found for anatomical structure.

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