art movement

What are the hypernyms for art movement?

Hypernyms for art movement

front movement social movement

Definitions for art movement

  • noun - a group of artists who agree on general principles
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    Synonyms for art movement

    artistic movement

    Antonyms for art movement

    No antonyms found for art movement.

    Holonyms for art movement

    No holonyms found for art movement.

    Hyponyms for art movement

    Ash Can Eight art nouveau new wave dada futurism lake poets reductivism Nouvelle Vague symbolism Ashcan school pointillism avant-garde constructivism dadaism Hudson River school luminism naturalism secession Abstract Expressionism Impressionism deco vanguard suprematism expressionism romantic realism minimalism realism sezession action painting Pop Art art deco van cubism fauvism imagism minimal art neoromanticism surrealism

    Meronyms for art movement

    No meronyms found for art movement.

    Sounds like art movement

    aeration Ariadne arrhythmia Artemia Art Tatum