What are the hypernyms for bed?

Hypernyms for bed

bedroom furniture patch foot surface natural depression plot foundation groundwork artifact depression plot of land base substructure artefact plot of ground fundament understructure stratum pose supply couple position provide copulate put lay render mate set place plant furnish pair

Definitions for bed

  • verb - prepare for sleep; "I usually turn in at midnight"; "He goes to bed at the crack of dawn"
  • verb - have sexual intercourse with; "This student sleeps with everyone in her dorm"; "Adam knew Eve"; "Were you ever intimate with this man?"
  • verb - put to bed; "The children were bedded at ten o'clock"
  • verb - place (plants) in a prepared bed of soil
  • verb - furnish with a bed; "The inn keeper could bed all the new arrivals"
  • noun - a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep; "he sat on the edge of the bed"; "the room had only a bed and chair"
  • noun - a plot of ground in which plants are growing; "the gardener planted a bed of roses"
  • noun - a foundation of earth or rock supporting a road or railroad track; "the track bed had washed away"
  • noun - the flat surface of a printing press on which the type form is laid in the last stage of producing a newspaper or magazine or book etc.
  • noun - single thickness of usually some homogeneous substance; "slices of hard-boiled egg on a bed of spinach"
  • noun - a stratum of ore or coal thick enough to be mined with profit; "he worked in the coal beds"
  • noun - a depression forming the ground under a body of water; "he searched for treasure on the ocean bed"
  • noun - (geology) a stratum of rock (especially sedimentary rock); "they found a bed of sandstone"
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    Synonyms for bed

    bottom layer seam get it on kip down go to sleep love get laid be intimate screw hump bonk go to bed hit the hay retire make out have sex have intercourse fuck lie with turn in hit the sack sleep together make love know have it away jazz have a go at it crawl in sack out roll in the hay sleep with do it have it off eff bang

    Antonyms for bed

    No antonyms found for bed.

    Holonyms for bed

    No holonyms found for bed.

    Hyponyms for bed

    asparagus bed hotbed roadbed course lift wall ocean floor sea bottom river bottom built in bed camp bed four-poster Murphy bed single bed truckle bed flowerbed seedbed backing row overlay coal seam sea floor Davy Jones's locker streambed built-in bed couch hammock plank-bed sleigh bed truckle flower bed turnip bed mount cushion ply lake bed ocean bottom Davy Jones creek bed bunk bed deathbed sack platform bed trundle bed twin bed bed of flowers railroad bed blanket interlayer tier lake bottom seabed riverbed ore bed berth cot double bed marriage bed sickbed trundle water bed have bed down fornicate bunk down bunk take

    Meronyms for bed

    No meronyms found for bed.

    Sounds like bed

    B.T.U. B.Th.U. babbitt babyhood baby bed baby tooth bad baddie Bade bad hat Baeda baht bait bat Bata bate bated bath bathe Batoidei battue batty baud bawd bawdy bayat BD bead beaded beady