What are the hypernyms for biology?

Hypernyms for biology

collection life aggregation life science accumulation bioscience assemblage

Definitions for biology

  • noun - the science that studies living organisms
  • noun - all the plant and animal life of a particular region
  • noun - characteristic life processes and phenomena of living organisms; "the biology of viruses"
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    Synonyms for biology

    biological science biota

    Antonyms for biology

    No antonyms found for biology.

    Holonyms for biology

    No holonyms found for biology.

    Hyponyms for biology

    phytology bionomics space biology genetic science neurobiology radiobiology cryobiology environmental science astrobiology microbiology paleobiology sociobiology biogeography cytology embryology forestry molecular biology palaeobiology zoology botany ecology exobiology genetics morphology physiology zoological science

    Meronyms for biology

    vegetation flora fauna botany zoology

    Sounds like biology

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