board game

What are the hypernyms for board game?

Hypernyms for board game

parlor game parlour game

Definitions for board game

  • noun - a game played on a specially designed board
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    Synonyms for board game

    No synonyms found for board game.

    Antonyms for board game

    No antonyms found for board game.

    Holonyms for board game

    No holonyms found for board game.

    Hyponyms for board game

    Scrabble chess darts lotto ludo pachisi shove-halfpenny ticktacktoo noughts and crosses backgammon chess game go bingo Mah-Jongg parchesi shove-ha'penny tick-tack-toe checkers Chinese checkers go game beano mahjong parchisi snakes and ladders tic-tac-toe draughts Chinese chequers halma keno Monopoly shovel board ticktacktoe tit-tat-toe

    Meronyms for board game

    No meronyms found for board game.

    Sounds like board game

    bardic Bartok barytes barytic Beaufort Sea Beveridge bird's-eye bird's eye birdcage birdhouse birdwatch bird dog birthday cake boards Bordeaux bortsch brattice brattish breadthways breadthwise bread dough bread sauce bridecake bridge Bridges britches British Brits broadax broadaxe