What are the hypernyms for deplete?

Hypernyms for deplete

spend expend drop

Definitions for deplete

  • verb - use up (resources or materials); "this car consumes a lot of gas"; "We exhausted our savings"; "They run through 20 bottles of wine a week"
  • Pronounciation of deplete

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    Synonyms for deplete

    eat consume exhaust eat up run through use up wipe out

    Antonyms for deplete

    No antonyms found for deplete.

    Holonyms for deplete

    No holonyms found for deplete.

    Hyponyms for deplete

    luxuriate spend sap run out burn off run down tire drain burn exhaust indulge burn up play out

    Meronyms for deplete

    No meronyms found for deplete.

    Sounds like deplete

    dabbled dappled deadbolt debilitate debilitated debility deep-laid default defilade defiled deflate deflated defoliate defoliated depilate deplete depleted depopulate depopulated devaluate devalued devilwood diploid diploidy double-date double-dyed doubled doublet double date double dye