What are the hypernyms for discuss?

Hypernyms for discuss

treat address talk of handle talk about plow cover deal

Definitions for discuss

  • verb - speak with others about (something); talk (something) over in detail; have a discussion; "We discussed our household budget"
  • verb - to consider or examine in speech or writing; "The author talks about the different aspects of this question"; "The class discussed Dante's `Inferno'"
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    Synonyms for discuss

    talk about hash out talk over discourse

    Antonyms for discuss

    No antonyms found for discuss.

    Holonyms for discuss

    No holonyms found for discuss.

    Hyponyms for discuss

    powwow moot moderate advise confab bandy about talk shop negociate debate turn over chair counsel consult thrash out negotiate deliberate bandy lead confer broach hammer out talk terms consider kick around rede confabulate initiate descant

    Meronyms for discuss

    No meronyms found for discuss.

    Sounds like discuss

    No words sound like discuss.