What are the hypernyms for document?

Hypernyms for document

piece of writing representation computer file writing communication written material confirm support put down corroborate affirm sustain record substantiate enter

Definitions for document

  • verb - support or supply with references; "Can you document your claims?"
  • verb - record in detail; "The parents documented every step of their child's development"
  • noun - anything serving as a representation of a person's thinking by means of symbolic marks
  • noun - writing that provides information (especially information of an official nature)
  • noun - (computer science) a computer file that contains text (and possibly formatting instructions) using seven-bit ASCII characters
  • noun - a written account of ownership or obligation
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    Synonyms for document

    written document papers text file

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    No antonyms found for document.

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    No holonyms found for document.

    Hyponyms for document

    brevet credential commercial instrument enclosure legal instrument patent political program declaration report webpage obligation letter capitulation credentials confession inclosure official document patent of invention program resolve study ASCII text file certificate of indebtedness missive certificate charter copyright form instrument platform resignation specification written report letter of credit quittance ballot certification commercial document right of first publication legal document papyrus political platform resolution voucher web page debt instrument record source

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