What are the hypernyms for drug?

Hypernyms for drug

agent consume have ingest medicate take in medicine take

Definitions for drug

  • verb - administer a drug to; "They drugged the kidnapped tourist"
  • verb - use recreational drugs
  • noun - a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic
  • Pronounciation of drug

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    Synonyms for drug

    dose do drugs

    Antonyms for drug

    No antonyms found for drug.

    Holonyms for drug

    No holonyms found for drug.

    Hyponyms for drug

    pentoxifylline consciousness-altering drug soporific excitant virility drug agonist anaesthetic agent botanical dilator drug of abuse fertility drug Lorfan medicinal drug myotic Trental psychoactive substance hypnotic suppressant anti-impotence drug abortifacient anesthetic antagonist brand-name drug diuretic drug street drug generic drug medicine miotic drug mydriatic psychoactive drug psychotropic agent stimulant appetite suppressant arsenical aborticide anaesthetic antisyphilitic proprietary drug diuretic Feosol intoxicant medication myotic drug mydriatic drug mind-altering drug relaxant stimulant drug synergist abortion-inducing drug anesthetic agent anti-TNF compound controlled substance water pill Fergon levallorphan medicament miotic narcotic anesthetise dope narcotize take a hit drop anaesthetise dope up narcotise snort anesthetize put under overdose poison free-base anaesthetize put out o.d. inject base

    Meronyms for drug

    No meronyms found for drug.

    Sounds like drug

    dairy cow Darius I Darius III dark darkey darkie darkish darky Dark Ages data hierarchy data track deodorise deodorize deodourise derrick derris deterge diaeresis diarchy diarrheic diarrhoeic dieresis Dietrich Dirac Dirca dirge dirk diuresis doorcase doric