What are the hypernyms for emphasise?

Hypernyms for emphasise

accent stress accentuate express emphasize show emphasise evince punctuate

Definitions for emphasise

  • verb - to stress
  • verb - give extra weight to (a communication); "Her gesture emphasized her words"
  • Pronounciation of emphasise

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    Synonyms for emphasise

    accent stress accentuate emphasize underscore punctuate underline

    Antonyms for emphasise

    No antonyms found for emphasise.

    Holonyms for emphasise

    No holonyms found for emphasise.

    Hyponyms for emphasise

    bear down ram home emphasize bring out topicalize press home emphasise background set off point up underscore play down re-emphasise drive home underline downplay re-emphasize

    Meronyms for emphasise

    No meronyms found for emphasise.

    Sounds like emphasise

    embassy emboss emphasis emphasise emphasize envious envisage Eumops