What are the hypernyms for expectorate?

Hypernyms for expectorate

expel take eject take away exhaust release withdraw discharge remove

Definitions for expectorate

  • verb - discharge (phlegm or sputum) from the lungs and out of the mouth
  • verb - clear out the chest and lungs; "This drug expectorates quickly"
  • Pronounciation of expectorate

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    Synonyms for expectorate

    spit up spit out cough up clear out cough out drive out

    Antonyms for expectorate

    No antonyms found for expectorate.

    Holonyms for expectorate

    No holonyms found for expectorate.

    Hyponyms for expectorate

    ptyalize splutter ptyalise sputter cough spew spit out spit spue

    Meronyms for expectorate

    No meronyms found for expectorate.

    Sounds like expectorate

    equipage equipoise escape cock esophagus espouse Eusebius ex-spouse expose ex officio