flying field

What are the hypernyms for flying field?

Hypernyms for flying field

facility installation

Definitions for flying field

  • noun - a place where planes take off and land
  • Pronounciation of flying field

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    Synonyms for flying field

    landing field field airfield

    Antonyms for flying field

    No antonyms found for flying field.

    Holonyms for flying field

    No holonyms found for flying field.

    Hyponyms for flying field

    airdrome flight strip aerodrome landing strip drome strip airport airstrip auxiliary airfield

    Meronyms for flying field

    No meronyms found for flying field.

    Sounds like flying field

    failing falanga Falange falling feebleness feeling feelings felonious FHLMC filing filling film-make filming flamenco flaming flamingo Flaminius flange flank Fleming Flemish flense flimsy flinch fling FLNC flounce flowing fluency flummox