What are the hypernyms for foliage?

Hypernyms for foliage

architectural ornament plant organ

Definitions for foliage

  • noun - (architecture) leaf-like architectural ornament
  • noun - the main organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in higher plants
  • Pronounciation of foliage

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    Synonyms for foliage

    leafage foliation leaf

    Antonyms for foliage

    No antonyms found for foliage.

    Holonyms for foliage

    No holonyms found for foliage.

    Hyponyms for foliage

    dandelion green blade verdure scale compound leaf dentate leaf lobed leaf rosette pitcher leaf blade leaflet scale leaf entire leaf emarginate leaf parallel-veined leaf cataphyll sporophyll amplexicaul leaf frond fig leaf crenate leaf erose leaf parted leaf floral leaf sporophyl greenery pad simple leaf serrate leaf runcinate leaf prickly-edged leaf

    Meronyms for foliage

    No meronyms found for foliage.

    Sounds like foliage

    fabulous Falco fallacious fallacy falls fall guy false false sago falsie feel like Felicia Felis Felis chaus felucca filago filch file-like fils flack flag flak flake flakey flaky flash flashy flask flawless flax fleck