What are the hypernyms for frugalness?

Hypernyms for frugalness


Definitions for frugalness

  • noun - prudence in avoiding waste
  • Pronounciation of frugalness

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    Synonyms for frugalness


    Antonyms for frugalness

    No antonyms found for frugalness.

    Holonyms for frugalness

    No holonyms found for frugalness.

    Hyponyms for frugalness

    thrift penny-pinching parsimony economy parsimoniousness thriftiness

    Meronyms for frugalness

    No meronyms found for frugalness.

    Sounds like frugalness

    fairy swallow farcical farcically ferociously Ferris wheel feverishly fiercely fireclay fire sale foresail for sale fragile frazzle freakishly freckle free-soil freshly fresh gale friar's-cowl frijol frijole frijolillo friskily frizzle frizzly frugal frugally furcula furiously fur seal