What are the hypernyms for gait?

Hypernyms for gait

locomotion travel walk rate walking

Definitions for gait

  • noun - a person's manner of walking
  • noun - a horse's manner of moving
  • noun - the rate of moving (especially walking or running)
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    Synonyms for gait


    Antonyms for gait

    No antonyms found for gait.

    Holonyms for gait

    No holonyms found for gait.

    Hyponyms for gait

    limp stagger skip prance rack canter double time flounce pacing stalk swagger single-foot lope hitch lurch roll angry walk waddle jog trot gallop hobble stumble saunter strut walk trot quick time

    Meronyms for gait

    No meronyms found for gait.

    Sounds like gait

    gad gaddi Gadidae gadoid gaiety gait gaseous state gasket gas heat gas jet gat gate gateau gateway GATT gaud Gaudi gaudy gazette Gd geode gestate get geta getaway get ahead get at get away get it get out