What are the hypernyms for grouping?

Hypernyms for grouping

abstraction abstract entity activity classification system

Definitions for grouping

  • noun - any number of entities (members) considered as a unit
  • noun - the activity of putting things together in groups
  • noun - a system for classifying things into groups
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    Synonyms for grouping

    group pigeonholing

    Antonyms for grouping

    No antonyms found for grouping.

    Holonyms for grouping

    No holonyms found for grouping.

    Hyponyms for grouping

    world human beings arrangement community collection edition race subgroup multitude the great unwashed scheme actinon lanthanide punctuation classification collecting human race humans straggle biotic community aggregation electron shell association sainthood masses varna series rare earth lanthanon phrasing compartmentalization assembling humanity mankind kingdom people accumulation ethnic group swarm citizenry mass circuit actinoid rare-earth element halogen categorization compartmentalisation sorting humankind man biological group social group assemblage ethnos cloud population hoi polloi system actinide lanthanoid pairing categorisation assortment

    Meronyms for grouping

    No meronyms found for grouping.

    Sounds like grouping

    grapevine grape vine grapheme graven griffin griffon gryphon