hand tool

What are the hypernyms for hand tool?

Hypernyms for hand tool


Definitions for hand tool

  • noun - a tool used with workers' hands
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    Synonyms for hand tool

    No synonyms found for hand tool.

    Antonyms for hand tool

    No antonyms found for hand tool.

    Holonyms for hand tool

    No holonyms found for hand tool.

    Hyponyms for hand tool

    pestle tweezer plane pair of pliers plunger saw soldering iron straightedge weeder spanner bevel square starter float pointel hand shovel miter box pick pair of tweezers carpenter's plane plyers plumber's helper scraper spatula tire iron weed-whacker bodkin dibble plasterer's float pointrel marlinespike mitre box pincer pipe cutter woodworking plane plumber's snake ravehook screwdriver spreader tire tool wire stripper awl threader dibber graver gutter marlinspike opener pair of pincers pitchfork pliers auger sandblaster shovel square trowel wrench bevel crank file graving tool hammer marlingspike pallet

    Meronyms for hand tool

    No meronyms found for hand tool.

    Sounds like hand tool

    haematal Handel handily handle handwheel hand tool hand towel Heimdal Heimdall hematal hoe handle