heart muscle

What are the hypernyms for heart muscle?

Hypernyms for heart muscle

muscle muscular tissue

Definitions for heart muscle

  • noun - the muscle tissue of the heart; adapted to continued rhythmic contraction
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    Synonyms for heart muscle

    cardiac muscle

    Antonyms for heart muscle

    No antonyms found for heart muscle.

    Holonyms for heart muscle

    No holonyms found for heart muscle.

    Hyponyms for heart muscle

    SA node atrioventricular trunk Purkinje fiber pacemaker papillary muscle truncus atrioventricularis Purkinje network cardiac pacemaker atrioventricular bundle atrioventricular node Purkinje's tissue sinoatrial node bundle of His myocardium Purkinje's system

    Meronyms for heart muscle

    No meronyms found for heart muscle.

    Sounds like heart muscle

    hard-on harden hard time harridan Harry Houdini hearten hearth money hired man Hirudinea hirudinean Hordeum