hydrophytic plant

What are the hypernyms for hydrophytic plant?

Hypernyms for hydrophytic plant

vascular plant tracheophyte

Definitions for hydrophytic plant

  • noun - a plant that grows partly or wholly in water whether rooted in the mud
  • Pronounciation of hydrophytic plant

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    Synonyms for hydrophytic plant

    water plant hydrophyte aquatic plant

    Antonyms for hydrophytic plant

    No antonyms found for hydrophytic plant.

    Holonyms for hydrophytic plant

    No holonyms found for hydrophytic plant.

    Hyponyms for hydrophytic plant

    water milfoil water shamrock marsh trefoil pickerelweed water hyacinth water star grass water nymph hydrilla waterweed Vallisneria spiralis Zostera marina water speedwell bog plant water lily cryptocoryne arrow arum Pistia stratiotes Subularia aquatica water chestnut buckbean Menyanthes trifoliata pickerel weed water orchid mud plantain frogbit Hydrilla verticillata tape grass pondweed water starwort Veronica michauxii swamp plant water crowfoot water trumpet pistia Pistia stratoites featherfoil water chestnut plant bogbean pipewort wampee Eichhornia crassipes Heteranthera dubia frog's-bit American frogbit eelgrass grass wrack golden saxifrage Veronica anagallis-aquatica water buttercup golden club water lettuce duckweed feather-foil water pimpernel caltrop bog myrtle Eriocaulon aquaticum Pontederia cordata Eichhornia spesiosa naiad Hydrocharis morsus-ranae Limnodium spongia wild celery sea wrack golden spleen marsh plant hornwort Ranunculus aquatilis Orontium aquaticum water cabbage awlwort

    Meronyms for hydrophytic plant

    No meronyms found for hydrophytic plant.

    Sounds like hydrophytic plant

    head trip hit the roof hydrophobia