What are the hypernyms for intercommunicate?

Hypernyms for intercommunicate

interlink interact complect interconnect

Definitions for intercommunicate

  • verb - transmit thoughts or feelings; "He communicated his anxieties to the psychiatrist"
  • verb - be interconnected
  • Pronounciation of intercommunicate

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    Synonyms for intercommunicate


    Antonyms for intercommunicate

    No antonyms found for intercommunicate.

    Holonyms for intercommunicate

    No holonyms found for intercommunicate.

    Hyponyms for intercommunicate

    aphorize reach inflict commune telecommunicate blog nod utter gesticulate telepathise signal whistle render issue get yak aphorise get through bring down ask inform greet sign mouth gesture write signalize give carry come across communicate grimace gab riddle get hold of visit inquire joke address talk verbalize motion radio signalise throw convey come over make a face fingerspell finger-spell project contact impose enquire jest turn to speak verbalise telepathize network semaphore pay express share pull a face

    Meronyms for intercommunicate

    No meronyms found for intercommunicate.

    Sounds like intercommunicate

    imitator immature in-tray indoor Indra indri initiator initiatory inter interior intro in theory in the air in the raw in utero