What are the hypernyms for interloper?

Hypernyms for interloper

unwelcome person persona non grata entrant

Definitions for interloper

  • noun - someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission
  • Pronounciation of interloper

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    Synonyms for interloper

    intruder trespasser

    Antonyms for interloper

    No antonyms found for interloper.

    Holonyms for interloper

    No holonyms found for interloper.

    Hyponyms for interloper

    boarder infiltrator prowler thruster unknown gatecrasher invader sneak squatter crasher encroacher stalker stranger unwelcome guest penetrator pusher alien

    Meronyms for interloper

    No meronyms found for interloper.

    Sounds like interloper

    imitator immature in-tray indoor Indra indri initiator initiatory inter interior intro in theory in the air in the raw in utero