lead off

What are the hypernyms for lead off?

Hypernyms for lead off

subvert debase misdirect demoralize profane corrupt demoralise vitiate pervert debauch deprave

Definitions for lead off

  • verb - set in motion
  • verb - teach immoral behavior to; "It was common practice to lead off the young ones
  • Pronounciation of lead off

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    Synonyms for lead off

    commence lead astray begin start

    Antonyms for lead off

    No antonyms found for lead off.

    Holonyms for lead off

    No holonyms found for lead off.

    Hyponyms for lead off

    recommence set off commence inaugurate start jumpstart usher in start up jump-start introduce embark on

    Meronyms for lead off

    No meronyms found for lead off.

    Sounds like lead off

    L-dopa laid-off laid up Latvia lead off lead up letup let off let up Lietuva load up