What are the hypernyms for lover?

Hypernyms for lover

person mortal spousal equivalent individual soul spouse equivalent someone domestic partner follower somebody significant other

Definitions for lover

  • noun - a person who loves someone or is loved by someone
  • noun - a significant other to whom you are not related by marriage
  • noun - an ardent follower and admirer
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    Synonyms for lover

    fan buff devotee

    Antonyms for lover

    No antonyms found for lover.

    Holonyms for lover

    following followers

    Hyponyms for lover

    admirer dearest boyfriend young man pet girlfriend idoliser osculator Romeo sweetie paramour fancy woman bacchant adorer honey fellow darling dearie girl inamorata necker soul mate steady man aerophile bacchanal beloved love beau favorite deary lady friend inamorato petter squeeze truelove mistress aficionado groupie dear betrothed swain favourite ducky idolizer kisser fondler sweetheart fancy man kept woman amorist metalhead

    Meronyms for lover

    No meronyms found for lover.

    Sounds like lover

    labor laborer labour labourer Laffer laver layover lay over leafhopper leaper leap year leaver leper lever Le Havre libber Liberia Libra library lifer life peer live-bearer liver livery live over live wire Loafer lobar looper Lophophora