male person

What are the hypernyms for male person?

Hypernyms for male person

someone somebody person mortal individual soul

Definitions for male person

  • noun - a person who belongs to the sex that cannot have babies
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    Antonyms for male person

    No antonyms found for male person.

    Holonyms for male person

    No holonyms found for male person.

    Hyponyms for male person

    fellow gent foster-brother boy adult male feller blighter foster brother male offspring mother's son boy wonder fella cuss macho man-child sirrah chap lad bloke male child man

    Meronyms for male person

    No meronyms found for male person.

    Sounds like male person

    maleberry male berry manila paper manilla paper manual labor manual laborer manual labour mealberry Mellivora millibar mulberry mull over