medical specialty

What are the hypernyms for medical specialty?

Hypernyms for medical specialty

medical science

Definitions for medical specialty

  • noun - the branches of medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques
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    No antonyms found for medical specialty.

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    No holonyms found for medical specialty.

    Hyponyms for medical specialty

    anesthesiology cardiology prosthetics epidemiology geriatrics hematology immunology nuclear medicine nosology tocology otology pharmacy psychological medicine pedology rheumatology space medicine traumatology urogenital medicine angiology dentistry dermatology forensic medicine gerontology haematology internal medicine neurology diagnostics midwifery pharmacology pharmaceutics pediatrics podiatry rhinolaryngology sports medicine accident surgery veterinary medicine bacteriology dental medicine emergency medicine forensic pathology gynecology hygiene general medicine clinical neurology obstetrics oncology pharmacological medicine psychiatry paediatrics chiropody otorhinolaryngology therapeutics tropical medicine virology allergology biomedicine odontology endocrinology gastroenterology gynaecology hygienics nephrology neuropsychiatry OB ophthalmology materia medica psychopathology pediatric medicine proctology otolaryngology thoracic medicine urology

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    No meronyms found for medical specialty.

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    medical medically mendaciously Mentzelia methodical methodically Methuselah metical mid-July midweekly Mitchell Mitchella modishly momentously monodical Motacilla Mount Cook lily mythical