philosophical doctrine

What are the hypernyms for philosophical doctrine?

Hypernyms for philosophical doctrine

philosophical system school of thought doctrine ism philosophy

Definitions for philosophical doctrine

  • noun - a doctrine accepted by adherents to a philosophy
  • Pronounciation of philosophical doctrine

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    Synonyms for philosophical doctrine

    philosophical theory

    Antonyms for philosophical doctrine

    No antonyms found for philosophical doctrine.

    Holonyms for philosophical doctrine

    No holonyms found for philosophical doctrine.

    Hyponyms for philosophical doctrine

    Aristotelianism deconstruction sensationalism existentialist philosophy idealism physicalism naturalism Platonism rationalism semiotics Stoicism teleology peripateticism deconstructionism environmentalism determinism intuitionism mechanism Neoplatonism realism naive realism semiology subjectivism traditionalism aesthetic conceptualism empiricism existentialism formalism logicism mentalism nominalism pragmatism relativism sensualism Taoism vitalism esthetic Confucianism empiricist philosophy existential philosophy hereditarianism materialism nativism operationalism probabilism Scholasticism solipsism Daoism

    Meronyms for philosophical doctrine

    No meronyms found for philosophical doctrine.

    Sounds like philosophical doctrine

    philosophy placebo plausive plosive ploughboy police chief polish off polish up