What are the hypernyms for physician?

Hypernyms for physician

medical practitioner medical man

Definitions for physician

  • noun - a licensed medical practitioner; "I felt so bad I went to see my doctor"
  • Pronounciation of physician

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    Synonyms for physician

    MD Dr. doctor medico doc

    Antonyms for physician

    No antonyms found for physician.

    Holonyms for physician

    doctor-patient relation

    Hyponyms for physician

    angiologist general practitioner house physician interne quack operating surgeon veterinary surgeon extern GP resident houseman specialist sawbones vet abortionist medical extern hakim resident physician medical intern medical specialist veterinarian allergist gastroenterologist hakeem intern primary care physician surgeon veterinary

    Meronyms for physician

    No meronyms found for physician.

    Sounds like physician

    No words sound like physician.