plate armour

What are the hypernyms for plate armour?

Hypernyms for plate armour

shell plate scale

Definitions for plate armour

  • noun - specially hardened steel plate used to protect fortifications or vehicles from enemy fire
  • Pronounciation of plate armour

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    Synonyms for plate armour

    armor plating plate armor armor plate armour plate

    Antonyms for plate armour

    No antonyms found for plate armour.

    Holonyms for plate armour

    No holonyms found for plate armour.

    Hyponyms for plate armour

    brassard cannon frontstall epauliere jambeau pallette solleret tuille breastplate chanfron front-stall fauld helmet palette sabaton visor backplate aegis chamfron cubitiere gorget knee piece roundel tasset vizor beaver egis testiere cuisse greave nosepiece skirt of tasses tasse

    Meronyms for plate armour

    No meronyms found for plate armour.

    Sounds like plate armour

    palter paltry pellitory pelter philter philtre Pholiota aurea pipal tree plaiter plater platter pleader plethora plodder plotter polder polluter populated area poulterer poultry