What are the hypernyms for prestidigitator?

Hypernyms for prestidigitator

performer performing artist

Definitions for prestidigitator

  • noun - someone who performs magic tricks to amuse an audience
  • Pronounciation of prestidigitator

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    Synonyms for prestidigitator

    illusionist magician conjurer conjuror

    Antonyms for prestidigitator

    No antonyms found for prestidigitator.

    Holonyms for prestidigitator

    No holonyms found for prestidigitator.

    Hyponyms for prestidigitator

    telepathist escapologist thought-reader escape expert mind reader

    Meronyms for prestidigitator

    No meronyms found for prestidigitator.

    Sounds like prestidigitator

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